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Bluescope Steel on Path to Digitally Transform Operations and IT

Increasing competition and fluctuations in the construction market prompted BlueScope Steel to look toward digital transformation of its four businesses, including modern core applications and IT infrastructure. BlueScope needed to modernize its infrastructure and adopt new technologies to improve operations and supply chain efficiency while maintaining and updating an aging application portfolio.

  • DXC Technology
    DXC Technology is the world's leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, serving nearly 6,000 private and public sector clients from a diverse array of industries across 70 countries. The company's technology independence and extensive partner network help clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change and guide their Digital Transformation journeys.The company was formed on April 1, 2017, by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It has established more than 250 industry-leading global Partner Network relationships, including 15 strategic partners: Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Dell EMC, HCL, Hitachi, HP, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Oracle, PwC, SAP and ServiceNow.
  • Mining
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence
    Visualizing factory operations data is a challenge for many manufacturers today. One of the IIoT initiatives some manufacturers are pursuing today is providing real-time visibility in factory operations and the health of machines. The goal is to improve manufacturing efficiency. The challenge is in combining and correlating diverse data sources that greatly vary in nature, origin, and life cycle. Factory Operations Visibility and Intelligence (FOVI) is designed to collect sensor data generated on the factory floor, production-equipment logs, production plans and statistics, operator information, and to integrate all this and other related information in the cloud. In this way, it can be used to bring visibility to production facilities, analyze and predict outcomes, and support better decisions for improvements.
  • BlueScope Steel has significant manufacturing operations on three continents supported by some 16,000 employees who make industry-leading metal-coated and painted steel products for buildings and construction.

  • CSC provides Bluescope with application support services, including Big Data and Analytics platform support services with CSC's BizCloud private cloud solution. By deploying a service model, CSC has helped to increase the amount of collaboration between BlueScope’s business units. Implementing a service-oriented model across BlueScope's organization will increase focus on end-to-end service delivery as they integrate four different business units. Software Components - BizCloud private cloud solution

  • Communication Performance, Logistics Cost, Operation Performance, Security and access, Supply Chain Optimization
  • Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Data Management - Data Analysis]
    Cloud solutions enable aggregation of 'big data' to enable more robust analytics.
    Impact #2
    [Data Management - Data Analysis]
    CSC transformed BlueScope’s current IT systems to an end-to-end IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) environment.
    Impact #3
    [Management Effectiveness - Internal Collaboration]
    Deeper integration of information across departments and business units improves internal collaboration and end-to-end customer service.
  • Benefit #1

    Real-time automation improved tracking and customer service, saving $2 million annually on staffing and logistics costs.

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