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RPA Solution for Shipment Tracking: A Case Study

 RPA Solution for Shipment Tracking: A Case Study - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Product Lifecycle Management Systems (PLM)
  • Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Electrical Grids
  • Transportation
Applicable Functions
  • Product Research & Development
  • Quality Assurance
Use Cases
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Track & Trace of Assets
  • Testing & Certification
The Challenge
The client, a leading service provider to the international engineering industry, was facing significant challenges in tracking and managing the status of shipments. The existing legacy systems and manual processes were cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors, leading to inaccuracies and productivity losses. The client required a solution that could improve visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability by tracking the lifecycle of shipments. The need was for a solution that could provide real-time tracking of worldwide shipment details, and could be maintained within the SharePoint environment for reporting and analytics.
The Customer

Not disclosed

About The Customer
The client is one of the world’s leading development, technology, and consultation service providers to the international engineering industry. They specialize in design, development, and method competencies in areas such as vehicle body, powertrain, and chassis. The client operates in a dynamic market where the efficiency of business processes becomes the defining factor between profit and loss. They were facing challenges in tracking and managing the status of shipments, which was affecting their service quality and profitability.
The Solution
A custom solution was developed using Microsoft Power Automate that tracks shipment status details within the SharePoint Online environment and notifies end-users in a timely manner. The solution included tracking shipment from carrier websites, configuring email notification, setting up SMS gateway Nexmo, and scheduling timer job using Azure WebJobs. Microsoft Teams was used for collaboration. The solution was completely web-based, eliminating the need for additional hardware costs. It provided 24X7 visibility into the shipping lifecycle, with minimal error rate due to reduced manual intervention. Customizable SMS and email notifications were set up for timely user notifications.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of the custom solution using Microsoft Power Automate significantly improved the client's shipment tracking process. It provided a seamless, automated tracking system within the SharePoint Online environment, which greatly enhanced visibility and efficiency. The solution was able to track shipments from over 500 logistics carriers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and DPD. The use of Azure WebJobs for implementing timer jobs and Microsoft Teams for collaboration further streamlined the process. The solution also reduced the need for manual intervention, thereby minimizing errors and improving the quality of service. The customizable SMS and email notifications ensured timely updates to end-users, enhancing customer satisfaction.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Enabled tracking of shipments worldwide, automating the shipment processing cycle from start-to-finish
  • Provided 24X7 visibility into the shipping lifecycle
  • Significantly reduced error rate due to minimized manual intervention

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