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Fleet Management Solution

A major trucking company in Africa was looking for a solution to track and manage their fleet of vehicles. Tracking was essential to ensure that the trucks were being driven safely and on the most optimal route.

  • Altiux Innovations
    Altiux Innovations is a product engineering, design and technology services company that helps clients to design, develop and deploy products and solutions for the connected world. With expertise in M2M, IoT, Mobility, Big data, Cloud and Analytics they help build products and solutions for companies in the Consumer Electronics, Smart Homes, Intelligent Buildings, Smart Cities and Manufacturing verticals.
  • Analytics & Modeling - Predictive Analytics
    Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
    Sensors - GPS
  • Transportation
  • Business Operation
  • Fleet Management
  • A major trucking company in Africa.
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  • Altiux designed and built a fleet management solution to help the company optimize their business performance. The solution enabled connectivity and communication between the trucks, drivers and managers. In addition, an Analytics engine ensured that the system had the intelligence required to enable smart decision making and route planning. Smart Planning; - Real time tracking: Track the position of the fleet at any point of time - Predictive routing: Get suggestions on the least cost route and automatic readjustments when needed - Geo Fencing: Assign a route for the fleet and be alerted when there is any violation Operations and Maintenance - Vehicle Health Management: Monitor important components of the vehicles and receive continuous updates on the health of the fleet - Vehicle Alerts: Receive updates on fleet usage to deter poor handling like over speeding, idling, usage during unauthorized hours, etc Management - Communication: Intuitive interfaces for managers and employees to allow easy communication on the go - Dashboards: View fleet performance and driver scorecards to have greater control on costs and employee behaviour

  • Downtime, Driver Idle Time, GPS Tracking, Routes, Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Productivity]
    Use real-time analytics engine to take strategic decisions and optimize performance of the business (dispatching, employee, finance, vehicle)
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Production Uptime]
    Receive intelligent preventive maintenance alerts based on the health of the vehicle and reduce the risk of vehicle breakdowns and expensive maintenance
    Impact #3
    [Efficiency Improvement - Communication]
    This is the most obvious benefit as the solution converts the fleet into a mobile office by providing continuous communication capability
  • Benefit #1

    Save Energy - Oversee driving styles to minimize fuel consumption and thereby saving energy costs

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