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Logistics Visibility Services

Fuji Xerox faced several challenges. Delivery inquiries from distributors had to be manually associated with order information and container B/L documents. Response to delivery inquiries was slow and delivery date estimates inaccurate because Fuji Xerox had to contact each transportation carrier for shipment status updates before warehousing dates could be estimated. Manual handling of an average of 1,800 inquiries a month created an excessive workload for staff. Distributors had begun securing extra stock in a system known as just-in-case inventory to prevent inventory shortages at hub warehouses in each region, leading to chronic over-inventory

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    NEC provides a broad range of IT products and services through software, hardware, integration, and consulting. It offers system integration, maintenance and support, outsourcing, cloud services, and equipment for government, healthcare, finance, and media markets. For telecom customers it provides network infrastructure, services, and management. NECs thick portfolio also includes system platforms with hardware, software, enterprise networks, and services. NEC does most of its business domestically.Year Founded: 1899Revenue: $26.1 billion (2013)TYO: 6701
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  • Supply Chain Visibility
    Supply chain visibility solutions provide visibility into the movement of raw materials, components, and finished goods from suppliers to manufacturers to the final buyer. Solutions are typically built on a centralized cloud-based platform that integrates data from multiple systems, including those those of partners. Technologies such as Smart Sensors, RFID, and digital ledger protocols can enable additional functionality. For example, digital ledger technology can keep logs of all transactions occurring on the network in a secure way, while providing supply chain partners with access to specific data. Visibility solutions can enhance the efficiency and transparency of supply chains, record the quantity and transfer of products as they change hands between supply chain nodes, track change orders and buy orders, process shipment notifications, manage trade documents and receipts, link physical products to Bar Codes, and share information about processing or manufacturing processes with suppliers, logistics providers, and customers.
  • Fuji Xerox is a joint venture partnership between the Japanese photographic firm Fujifilm Holdings (75%) and the American document management company Xerox (25%) to develop, produce and sell xerographic and document-related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. Fuji Xerox employs more than 40,000 employees worldwide.

  • NEC implemented a cloud service that provides visibility in global logistics and connected with GXS Managed Services, a suite of services from GXS Worldwide, Inc., that enable data orchestration for transactions between businesses based on international standards such as EDI, thereby introducing visibility into the customer's global supply chain and enabling effective tracking of global product distribution. Software Components - GXS Managed Services - NEC cloud-based multilingual solution

  • Asset Status Tracking, Inventory Levels, Logistics Cost, Shipment Verification, Supply Chain Optimization
  • Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Process Optimization - Real Time Asset Tracking]
    The whereabouts of products can be tracked in real time, leading to faster inquiry response times and improved deadline compliance.
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Labor]
    Staff's workloads is reduced by automating processes such as collecting information from factories and logistics partners and manually associating this data with each order.
    Impact #3
    [Cost Reduction - Inventory Management]
    Total cost of ownership is lowered due to reduction in inventory costs.
  • Benefit #1

    Fuji Xerox expects that distributors will be able to use the system to directly confirm shipping statuses, eliminating the almost 1,800 inquiries they receive at head office each month.

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