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Smart Street Light Network (Copenhagen)

Key stakeholders are taking a comprehensive approach to rethinking smart city innovation. City leaders have collaborated through partnerships involving government, research institutions and solution providers. The Copenhagen Solutions Lab is one of the leading organizations at the forefront of this movement. By bringing together manufacturers with municipal buyers, the Copenhagen Solutions Lab has catalyzed the development and deployment of next-generation smart city innovations. Copenhagen is leveraging this unique approach to accelerate the implementation of smart city solutions. One of the primary focus areas is LED street lighting.

  • Silver Spring Networks (Itron)
    Silver Spring Networks is a leading networking and solutions provider for the Internet of Things. Silver Spring’s pioneering IPv6 networking platform provides connectivity for a range of applications to some of the world’s leading utilities and major cities. Silver Spring’s open-standards platform enables multiple applications and services to leverage a common network, control, and data platform. With over 23.6 million devices connected on five continents Silver Spring’s platform supports a wide range of customers, including leading utilities such as Baltimore Gas & Electric, CitiPower & Powercor, Commonwealth Edison, Consolidated Edison, CPS Energy, Florida Power & Light, Jemena Electricity Networks Limited, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Progress Energy, and Singapore Power, and cities such as Copenhagen, Glasgow, and Paris.Year founded: 2002
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  • Smart Lighting
  • Copenhagen, one of the world’s most sustainable and smartest cities, as set the ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2025. For that reason, the city is transforming how it manages energy use, traffic systems and emergency response.
  • Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen chose Silver Spring Networks and partners Citelum and SELC to deploy an enhanced city lighting system designed to improve energy effi ciency, lower operational costs, enable remote lighting management and control, and improve citizen safety. The goal is to install and network 20,000 LED street lights throughout the city, and provide a flexible network that can then support many other smart city applications.

  • Control System Alert, Light Intensity, Traffic Light Signal, Occupancy
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
    Highly efficient LED fixtures ensure energy savings and a better quality of light.
    Impact #2
    [Process Optimization - Remote Control]
    Real-time visibility, monitoring, and control improves asset and resource efficiency.
    Impact #3
    [Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
    Ongoing application development and improvements are relatively quick and inexpensive to implement due to the system's flexibility.
  • Benefit #1

    Replacing its high-pressure sodium lamps with highly efficient LED fixtures that not only provide a better quality of light but also ensure energy savings of 65%.

    Benefit #2

    Remote lighting management and control of 20,000 LED street lights throughout the city. The fusion of intersection-based occupancy sensors and light controls to sense an approaching bicyclist and provide extra light as they cross vehicle intersections.

  • Citelum
    Citelum commits to energy savings and the quality of its services. Thanks to its unique global approach and its optimized solutions, Citelum allows city planners to meet their budgets and achieve their urban development objectives. Citelum helps metropolitan areas to remain attractive and grow sustainably by carefully balancing economic, societal, cultural, and environmental considerations. Citelum is responsible for the public lighting and all associated connected services (traffic light system, video protection, smart parking, Wi-Fi, etc.) of over 1.000 cities in the world: Mexico, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Venice, Naples and Salvador de Bahia. Making cities an attractive place, safe for its inhabitants and connected to new mobility and communication services is Citelum’s teams’ ambition worldwide.
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