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Technology That Comforts

 Technology That Comforts - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Product Data Management Systems
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Cloud Databases
Applicable Industries
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
Applicable Functions
  • Facility Management
Use Cases
  • Building Energy Management
  • Data Science Services
The Challenge

Although many facility managers have similar duties and stresses, the role of a hospital support services manager involves an extra level of gravity. Because monitoring the facility means more than tracking energy efficiencies and keeping the lights on. It can mean, quite literally, life or death.

Here’s just a quick list of a hospital support services manager concerns:

  • Are the operating rooms’ heating and cooling systems performing as required to prevent downtimes?
  • Is mechanical equipment properly maintained to avoid exposures to hazards?
  • Are utilities being optimized to allow more of the hospital’s limited resources to be spent on patient care?
  • If power is lost to the building, will emergency generators be ready to do their job?
The Customer

Bluewater Health

About The Customer

Bluewater Health, is a Canadian healthcare facility with hospitals in Petrolia and Sarnia, Ontario. The organization features a 10-year-old redevelopment and addition to a 60-year-old building and a 110-year-old building in the midst of redevelopment. The 317,000 sq. ft. addition to the facility in Sarnia featured a significantly larger emergency department; a surgical center with eight operating rooms and four procedure rooms and a consolidated maternal/infant/child program, with labor, birthing, and pediatric services all on one floor.

The Solution

The solution captures real-time building data across an entire building portfolio and calculates the optimal set-point strategy for each building, then automatically adjusts the set-points without human intervention.

Once implemented, Honeywell Forge began to analyze all of the data that is already obtained from EBI (our Building Automation System) and gave feedback on what was not operating optimally based on the created rules. The new system began to pull from over 1000 sources of information and almost instantly provided feedback on anything giving readings outside the acceptable range. 

Operational Impact
  • [Financial Growth - Revenue]

    By being able to monitor a multitude of data streams, the organization saved money and clearly achieved efficiencies.

Quantitative Benefit
    • 12.97% Average reduction in energy use
    • 11.71% Average reduction in natural gas use

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