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Tray Identification at the Kennametal Drill Plant

Kennametal's high quality drill bits along with their associated aluminium trays where they are arranged go through a thorough cleaning process involving ultrasound, damp and vacuum cleaning processes after machining is performed.

Before entering this washing facility, the order documents and the tray are separated and then re-allocated after cleaning. A work step that involves a risk as analyses have shown that, on occasion, trays and order documents were allocated incorrectly after cleaning. Drills went through coating processes that were supposed to be used for a different order. Hence, there was a need to eliminate mix-ups altogether.

  • S+P Samson
    S+P Samson are the specialists for strong solutions for rough ambient conditions. The GRAPHIPLAST® plastic labels and tags, renowned worldwide, made the well-established company a market leader. Founded in 1978, S+P Samson GmbH has a share capital of one million Euros and now employs nearly 90 people. The object of the company is the development, manufacture and sales of identification systems. The company operates on premises with a size of 10,600 m2 (114,000 sq ft). S+P Samson operates worldwide and as a Global Player, it has local sales offices and agents in all major markets worldwide. Locations include Miami (USA), Dubai (UAE), Moscow (Russia), Montreal (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil) and Shanghai (China). Production facilities: Rotary printing equipment in flexography for variable formats, flat bed unit for intermittent punching (developed in-house), rotary die cutting unit, integrated dispensing unit for partial adhesive application. Digital Canon printer for customising tags in sheets. Product range: Continuous labels and tags, individual sheets of labels and tags, printers and accessories. S+P Samson invests in human resources and facilities for the systematic development of new products and technologies. On average, this amounts to approx. 3% of the annual turnover. Registered trademarks: GRAPHIPLAST®, GRAPHITHERM®, STRUCTOBOND®.
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  • Kennametal – an industrial technology leader for over 75 years, helps customers who expect top performance in demanding environments to achieve productivity gains. The company offers innovative, wear-resistant products, application technology and services
  • The solution came in the form of Structobond®, plastic labels that are permanently enclosed in an epoxy resin adhesive and are able to withstand even complex cleaning processes.

    When a tray is taken out of the tray inventory to fill it with blanks for an order, the barcode will be scanned from its Structobond® label in the future. At the station, barcode and full text are duplicated on a standard self-adhesive label and stuck to the order documents. Tray and order documents are now “married” for all phases of production, including the washing process, ensuring error-free allocation at all times.
  • Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    Identification of trays is now error-free and working well.
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Quality Assurance]
    The Structobond® solution has improved Kennametal's product quality and hence, increased their customer satisfaction.
    Impact #3
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