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Verona Walk

 Verona Walk - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Networks & Connectivity - Software-Defined Networking
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  • Buildings
Use Cases
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Software Design & Engineering Services
The Challenge

Stahlman-England was asked to renovate the existing irrigation control system at Verona Walk. In Florida, where temperatures can rise to oppressive heights, water is a crucial resource that must be managed with care and efficiency. The HOA sought irrigation consultants to modernize their irrigation framework and provide input on long-term best practices.

The existing IDS two-wire controllers Verona Walk used had been discontinued in 2006. They also had no central capacity for reporting, managing the water, or remotely accessing the irrigation system. Much of the communication wire had been damaged over the years. Essentially, Verona Walk was past due for retrofits and upgrades that would help them conserve water and manage it across a complex landscape.

The Customer


About The Customer

VeronaWalk of Naples is a large homeowner's association featuring 1920 single-family homes. The community is open to all ages as seen in its lineup of engaging amenities and the very active lifestyle. VeronaWalk offers both single-family and attached homes that are situated along miles and miles of private lakefront peninsulas which provide water views from almost every home. As you make your way through the development, you will find at the end of each peninsula a connection to a beautiful Venetian-style bridge and walkway system that unites the entire area. The walkways, which are lighted, create a moon-like ambiance and are ideal for walking, biking, rollerblading, and running. This makes VeronaWalk perfect for the young and more mature seeking a luxurious and tangible, resort-style community.

The Solution

When Stahlman-England entered the picture, they assessed the situation and turned to Baseline technology to help them embark on an irrigation overhaul.

They made plans for new communication wire, grounding, and surge protection and replaced the older Hunter IDS system with 18 Baseline 3200 controllers and central web-based software. They gave each residential and multi-family lot an individual control valve that was connected via Baseline Decoders.

These upgrades meant that the irrigation system went from a disconnected, aging series of individual stations to one online system, fully equipped for remote management.

Operational Impact
  • [Data Management - Data Visibility]

    Landscape and irrigation managers can now remotely access the watering schedule, see watering reports, and get immediate high-flow alerts as soon as a potential issue occurs.

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