Ease of use, security and innovation are the core values that IXON was built upon. With a background in system integration, IXON knows exactly how difficult connectivity and Industrial IoT can be. Their own experience with existing, complex solutions led to the creation of the IXON Cloud. Plug & Play connectivity to your machines on a future-proof cloud platform — set up in minutes. IXON’s dedicated in-house R&D team ensures a secure, continuously evolving, and innovative IIoT platform. IXON's solutions are in industrial automation, robotics, building automation and manufacturing.

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  • IXON’s Tech Stack maps IXON’s participation in the IoT tech stack.
    • Application Layer
    • Functional Applications

    • Cloud Layer
    • Platform as a Service
      Infrastructure as a Service

    • Edge Layer
    • Automation & Control
      Processors & Edge Intelligence

    • Devices Layer
    • Robots
    • Supporting
    • Analytics & Modeling
      Application Infrastructure & Middleware
      Cybersecurity & Privacy
      Networks & Connectivity
    Technological Capability
  • IXON’s IoT Snapshot maps the range and focus areas of IXON’s IoT business across Technologies, Use Cases, Industries, and Services. Only categories with active products will be shown. Missing categories indicate that there is no activity in those areas.
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    Cloud Computing
    Cloud Databases
    Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Connectivity Platforms
    Data Management Platforms
    Networks & Connectivity
    Routers & Bridges
    Functional Applications
    Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
    Use Cases
    Machine Condition Monitoring
    Remote Control
    Business Operation
    Discrete Manufacturing
    Process Manufacturing
    Equipment & Machinery
    Renewable Energy
  • IXON Cloud & Connectivity. Your gateway to Industrial IoT.

    Create your own IIoT portal without any coding and easily connect, maintain and analyse your industrial machines and systems. Start small and scale your business as you go.

    IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution combines cloud and connectivity. The integrated Connectivity solutions are fully managed and configured on the IXON Cloud. Setting up a secure connection has never been so easy!

    Experience the benefits of the IXON Cloud:

    • Faster troubleshooting with tons of free remote access features
    • Manage all your customers and machines in one single portal
    • Optimise machine productivity using historical & live machine data
    • Get ahead of issues with predictive maintenance
    • Transform machine insights into new revenue streams
    • Always and automatically up-to-date with the newest innovations
    • No code solution – save costs on building and innovating a custom platform
  • Designed for machine manufacturers, system integrators and building automation.

  • IXON: Water IQ International strengthens market position using IIoT
    Machine service and maintenance have been a standard in the machine manufacturing industry for years. If you manufacture a substantial amount of machines that are shipped all over the world, you’ll need a remote access solution to keep track of them and to provide high-quality service. It is not unique, however, which is why Water IQ went looking for a partner with whom they could dive into the world of cloud and automation.Water IQ had far-reaching ambitions early on, aiming to stay ahead of the competition. “We strive to provide solutions that can increase a customer’s company value using water, for example by improving the product quality or production efficiency,” Freddy explains.To realize these ambitions, they needed a platform where they could access machine data. “That simply requires a data logging and analysis system.”
    IXON: TSS4U using IIoT to collect machine data and created alarms of important events
    TSS initially started looking for a remote access solution. TSS wanted to gain more insight into their systems, which are often situated at remote and hard to reach locations. “We want to learn how exactly our systems behave, to find out if and how we can improve them in the future,” Sébastien explains. The gathering of machine data plays an enormous role in TSS’s drive to continuously improve and optimise their products.TSS came across IXON during the Industrial Ethernet Event. The focus quickly shifted from remote access to data logging. Sébastien explains: “With Cloud Logging we can gather data. We don’t share all data with the customer as some information is only important for us.” TSS gathers machine data which allows them to monitor and analyse their systems. However, it did not help TSS quickly respond to failures and ad-hoc problems.
    IXON: Smart Robotics: secure IIoT connection to robots with IXON Cloud
    After getting started in 2015, Smart Robotics immediately started thinking about remote access. “It is very important to us that we can remotely access all our systems, to see how they’re behaving,” Heico says. Consequently, Smart Robotics aims to get in touch as soon as something goes wrong, way before the customer can reach out to them.At first Smart Robotics considered whether they should develop their own solution, or if it was better to outsource the development and look for an external partner. Their conclusion? Confidence in the ability to set up a highly secure connection turned out to be of utmost importance for Smart Robotics. “Securely collecting the data and getting remote access to our systems,” Heico explains. “In a way that the customer is confident that there won’t be a security breach as a result of an open network.”
    COPA-DATA is the technological leader for ergonomic and highly-dynamic process solutions. The company, founded in 1987, develops the software zenon for HMI/SCADA, Dynamic Production Reporting and integrated PLC systems at its headquarters in Austria. zenon is sold through its own offices in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as partners and distributors throughout the world. Customers benefit from local contact persons and local support thanks to a decentralized corporate structure. As an independent company, COPA-DATA can act quickly and flexibly, continues to set new standards in functionality and ease of use and leads the market trends. Over 135,000 installed systems in more than 90 countries provide companies in the Food & Beverage, Energy & Infrastructure, Automotive and Pharmaceutical sectors with new scope for efficient automation.
    KaaIoT Technologies
    We are an IoT company that hitches technology to business outcomes. Our Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform doesn’t just boast technical functions but aims directly at the strategic goals for modern enterprises. In the scope of our products and solutions, we actually deliver comprehensive, sustainable business models empowered by IoT. This is what drives our clients’ success stories forward.
    Petasense is an Industrial Internet of Things startup based in Silicon Valley. They make learning wireless sensors that connect to the cloud to democratize Predictive Maintenance for industrial customers. The vision of the company is to connect, collect and predict for the industrial world to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
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