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Altizon Systems

Altizon empowers Industrial Digital Revolutions globally by helping enterprises use Machine Data to drive business decisions. With a global footprint of over 100 enterprise users, Altizon is a leading Industrial IoT platform provider as recognized by Gartner, Forrester, BCG, Frost & Sullivan, and others.

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  • Altizon Systems’s Tech Stack maps Altizon Systems’s participation in the IoT tech stack.
    • Application Layer
    • Functional Applications

    • Cloud Layer
    • Platform as a Service
      Infrastructure as a Service

    • Edge Layer
    • Automation & Control
      Processors & Edge Intelligence

    • Devices Layer
    • Robots
    • Supporting
    • Analytics & Modeling
      Application Infrastructure & Middleware
      Cybersecurity & Privacy
      Networks & Connectivity
    Technological Capability
  • Altizon Systems’s IoT Snapshot maps the range and focus areas of Altizon Systems’s IoT business across Technologies, Use Cases, Industries, and Services. Only categories with active products will be shown. Missing categories indicate that there is no activity in those areas.
    Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Connectivity Platforms
    Data Management Platforms
    Device Management Platforms
    Analytics & Modeling
    Edge Analytics
    Machine Learning
    Real Time Analytics
    Use Cases
    Remote Asset Management
    Consumer Goods
  • The Datonis platform can be used by manufacturers to build connected equipment which will constantly feed operational data to the cloud-based platform for aggregation and analysis. Many OEMs are using solutions from Altizon to improve operational efficiencies, remote monitoring as well as Predictive Maintenance. IoT Platform, Manufacturing intelligence, Edge, Digital Transformation

  • Spectra Symbol Corp., Varroc Group

  • Altizon Systems: IoT Solutions for Smart City‎ | Internet of Things Case Study
    There were several challenges faced: It is challenging to build an appliance that can withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations from as low at 90v to as high as 320v. Since the device would be installed in remote locations, its resilience was of paramount importance. The device would have to deal with poor network coverage and have the ability to store and re-transmit data if networks were not available, which is often the case in rural India. The device could store up to 30 days of data.
    Altizon Systems: Automotive Component Manufacturer Improves with Datonis IoT Solution
    As a part of their Industry 4.0 initiative, the customer primarily wished to leverage IoT for maximizing operational efficiencies, productivity, reducing the energy footprints and maximizing capacity utilization. But there were several challenges at the outset:Firstly, the customer had multiple assembly lines with a diverse set of machines, systems and sensors, all communicating on different protocols. As such, primarily they needed a partner who could connect diverse set of assets on to a single platform and make use of underutilized ‘dark’ data.Secondly, the amount of data, data types and their applications was so vast, that the platform handling it, needed to be scalable and flexible.Lastly, Varroc faced the typical challenge of innovating in ‘Brownfield’ markets – wherein the real bottleneck is in integrating IoT in tandem with both the new and legacy equipment without any further CAPEX for asset substitution.
    Altizon Systems: IoT Data Analytics Case Study - Packaging Films Manufacturer
    The company manufactures packaging films on made to order or configure to order basis. Every order has a different set of requirements from the product characteristics perspective and hence requires machine’s settings to be adjusted accordingly. If the film quality does not meet the required standards, the degraded quality impacts customer delivery causes customer dissatisfaction and results in lower margins. The biggest challenge was to identify the real root cause and devise a remedy for that.
  • EP30a: How to build an IoT enterprise platform -- An interview with Vinay Nathan of Altizon
    Monday, Apr 02, 2018

    What are the trends in the IoT enterprise platform market over the past 5 years? How has Vinay leveraged his patents in connectivity technology into a platform company that has attracted 4M USD of investment? Learn about the various market structures and situations in Asia and the US, and how this affects the development platform market. Vinay Nathan is the CEO of Altizon." />
    EP30b: How to achieve ROI within 6-12 months of deployment 65% of the time -- An Interview with Vinay Nathan of Altizon
    Thursday, Apr 05, 2018

    How to engage stakeholders using data generated and achieve ROI within 6-12 months for 65% of customers? What are the key findings from tracking use cases in terms of applications, ROI, and successes? Will the super intelligent edge and data commons become a reality soon? Vinay Nathan of Altizon explains to us his learnings over the past 5 years of stakeholder engagement and generating fast ROI. We also discuss trends on the horizon for IoT. Vinay Nathan is the CEO of Altizon." />
  • SmartLog
    Founded in 2013, Smartlog is now known as a scale-up in the field of Industry 4.0 applications. We define success as ‘achieving exceptional results for our clients through digitalization and servitization that have a lasting impact on industrial businesses worldwide’. This principle has remained the cornerstone to underpin everything we do. Our clients choose us because we challenge convention to find the right solution that really works in practice, not just on paper.
    WebNMS IoT
    WebNMS is a leading provider of Enterprise IoT Platform and Solutions. The highly robust and customizable platform is hardware agnostic and built with integrated capabilities into a single stach IoT Platform.
    SpaceTime Insight (Nokia)
    SpaceTime Insight develops and delivers innovative advanced analytics and IIoT applications for asset-intensive industries. With our software, customers reduce cost and risk, increase capital efficiency, pinpoint theft, spoilage, and shrinkage, lower the frequency and duration of service outages, optimize field crews and operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and more. They understand the entire breadth of their operations in motion, in context, and in real time, and generate greater returns at lower risk, lower cost, and greater speed.SpaceTime Insight’s software powers mission-critical systems for some of the largest companies around the world in diverse industries including utilities, shipping, manufacturing, and energy.
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Its best known software products are the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, Microsoft Office office suite, and Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers.Year Founded: 1975Revenue: $93.6 billion (2014)NASDAQ: MSFT
    Wipro Ltd is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with 170,000+ workforce serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. The company posted revenues of $7.7 Billion for the financial year ended Mar 31, 2016.
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