MachineMetrics is the authority on real-time manufacturing analytics. When we started MachineMetrics, we identified undeniable gaps in current manufacturing processes: a lack of real-time production visibility and a lack of communication between machine operators and their managers. Roughly 50% of US companies admitting to not having a systematic roadmap toward Digital Manufacturing solutions nor automation and over 90% of companies have yet to attempt to integrate solutions to date. Many companies have attempted to develop solutions for this problem but it had yet to be truly solved. We spoke with 100+ manufacturers to gather their feedback on why these solutions did not fit their needs and how it could be designed better.

MachineMetrics was thus created; an IIoT manufacturing analytics and machine monitoring platform to help companies visualize where they stand now and overcome the challenges along the Digital Transformation journey to advance forward from reactivity, to proactivity, and to predictivity. Our fully automated machine monitoring solution provides visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data, instant notifications, as well as historical analytics, allowing factory workers to make faster, smarter, more confident decisions based on real-time data.

We've simplified IoT for the shop floor and are empowering manufacturers to develop their roadmap toward manufacturing excellence with the easiest to use and simplest to integrate software on the market. MachineMetrics is driving manufacturing efficiency by more than 20% on average for our customers and we are proud to be developing the future of manufacturing alongside them.

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  • We collect data from machine controls and machine operators for the entire production floor and use this data to monitor machine conditions (faults, status, tool utilization), production (OEE & Machine Utilization), work-order status, quality Tracking and downtime reasons that can be auto classified or indicated by the operator with touch screen tablet interfaces mounted at the machine tool. Real-Time Dashboards are also mounted on the production floor to provide an at-a-glance indication if jobs are performing at or below expectations (against Parts Goal or OEE metrics).

    MachineMetrics provides robust and superior reporting features including OEE reports, job reports, downtime and quality pareto reports that can be compared by shift, machine, and when viewing individual job/part reports. Utilization, TEEP and OOE are also measured and visible in historical reports. The real time and historical data collected allows managers to not only track efficiency and quickly identify production bottlenecks that are related to specific machining operations but also helps measure the effect of process improvements.

    MachineMetrics' mobile friendly, secure cloud application allows you to access this data from anywhere and requires no servers, automatic updates, and minimal IT expenses. All that's required is that machines are networked and accessible from our gateway device. Our highly adaptable system can be customized to fit any manufacturer's specific production needs.

  • Fastenal, Carolina Precision Manufacturing, Carlson Products, Praxair, Benchmade

  • MachineMetrics: Fastenal Builds the Future of Manufacturing with MachineMetrics
    Fastenal's objective was to better understand their machine downtime, utilization, quality issues, and to embrace cutting-edge manufacturing technology/process improvement capabilities to bring their team to the next level. However, there was a lack of real-time data, visualization, and actionable insights made this transition impossible.
    MachineMetrics: MachineMetrics helped Carolina Precision saved over $1.5M on machine monitoring
    Gary Bruner, the president of Carolina Precision Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer that specializes in small-diameter, close-tolerance CNC Swiss turned parts, had a problem. Over breakfast that morning, Gary had logged onto the MachineMetrics monitoring system on his laptop at home to check the status of his machines assigned to a lights-out operation, but saw immediately that two of his machines were not in production. “What’s wrong with machines 35 and 36?” he thought to himself. Upon arrival to the shop, Gary learned from his operator on duty that this type of hold up was nothing out of the ordinary, and was in fact a product of inefficient startup procedures that had simply never been analyzed or augmented previously. In an industry with razor thin margins, Gary understood that the keys to growth and success were in efficiency and quality. He understood the importance of keeping tabs on production stats, job status, uptime, and setup. However, there was no way to know how well machines were doing in real time. What was causing this additional downtime? Furthermore, CPM’s current methods of measurement and data collection were not only time consuming, but had quickly becoming outdated. Historically, CPM had an employee dedicated to the collection of utilization data. This employee would walk around to each of the machines, collect scrap tickets post-production, talk to operators, and record yesterday’s data into their current ERP system; not to mention that this manual data collection was prone to errors, and would take upwards of 2 hours per day. Without the ability to visualize their results, the recorded data was not very actionable.
    MachineMetrics: MachineMetrics Helped Carlson Products to Increase Efficiency by over 20%
    There’s always a sort of lag in the information we get from the ERP. It’s not real time, its not updated every second. We were able to see what happened yesterday, what happened last week but not what was happening right now, and we would always have to somehow fill that gap. Also, to get data into the ERP we were relying on a human being to accurately define and manually input the information to enter it into our database. All of the real-time monitoring systems that Carlson Products had seen were only dedicated to machining. They had chats with some of their equipment providers and the solutions they attempted to provide them with were not visually appealing, not web-based and felt quite rudimentary. They did attempt to do manual tracking before MachineMetrics, and they got so much junk data that they just stopped trying. They kept a Microsoft access database where employees would track this information themselves but with all the huge outliers, data it went to hell and a handbasket. The most important thing Carlson Products wanted was to look at was historical labor data information: whether or not the jobs were on target. Tracking down the supervisors and operators to understand why they weren’t on target was quite time consuming, not to mention most of their employees had difficulty remembering why problems had occurred when reviewing the issues reactively. There was no ability to identify systematic issues vs singular issues. Also, the lack of historical data made it difficult for them to calculate their utilization as well as their potential capacity.
    ALOALTO helps bring traditional industries into the digital age and to reduce operational costs. Industrial asset owners and maintenance service providers Trust them to connect their assets using IoT sensors and Actuators and collect more data in an affordable way. They build analytics software and tools enabling proactive and Predictive Maintenance of industrial assets to help companies achieve greater operational intelligence.ALOALTO is a trusted advisor for integrated IOT-Big Data projects related to connected asset maintenance and smart Predictive Maintenance projects. ALOALTO enables the swift integration of one or more of these solutions into the right technology architecture, the right business model, for their clients' business needs.
    NarrativeWave takes real-time operational data & auto-generates business insights to impact business decisions. NarrativeWave is the "last mile of analytics"​.NarrativeWave provides F1000 Industrial Manufacturers and their customers (Utilities, Airlines, Power Generation Plants, Railroads, Heavy Equipment owners) with real-time operator intelligence to increase profitability of service contracts, decrease labor costs, reduce unplanned downtime, improve workforce optimization, and enhance customer service.
    Bohua Technology
    Beijing Bohua Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and is specialized in the Internet industry equipment condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, maintenance management, intelligent monitoring and other related product development, production and technical services of high-tech enterprises. Bohua serves the petrochemical, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, wind power, military, municipal, rail transportation and other industries. Products include offline inspection system, a reciprocating compressor line monitoring and diagnosis systems, rotating machinery monitoring and diagnosis system, key-line pump monitoring and diagnosis system, on-line monitoring and diagnosis system of the wind turbine, the engine line monitoring system, a wireless monitoring and diagnosis system, moving professional equipment management platform, remote monitoring diagnostic center, RCM assessment of the overall solution. The company has a comprehensive product research and development, production, marketing, on-site project implementation and technical service capabilities, professional hardware production base through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, and high-tech enterprises in Beijing's Zhongguancun, has made more than patents and computer software copyrights, with certification of software products and software enterprise certification, and access to provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award special award. Bohua technology has the layout of Industry 4.0 innovative intelligent field equipment, such as the Internet industry to make its own contribution to China over the next decade to develop into manufacturing power from the manufacturing country.
  • SECO
    SECO, world-leading company in electronic embedded solutions, over its 30 years of experience has shown the ability to adapt its know-how to new, challenging customers’ needs, and to provide cutting edge solutions to its partners. On the strength of its know-how and in contrast with recent outsourcing policy, SECO has alwaysset the entire production cycle in Italy, from the development stage to mass distribution.Thanks to new, innovative solutions and great research and design activities together with the partnership with major scientific Universities and worldwide leading companies, SECO went International becoming a global market-leading company providing solutions to modern challenges.
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