We are a dedicated team of professionals who strive to understand manufacturing data and help manufacturers increase their profits by reducing the cost of poor quality (COPQ). Our team has a unique combination of technical know-how in machine learning and data analytics and domain knowledge in manufacturing. We are an AI-based platform that enables you to put all of your manufacturing data to use. Look beyond just defect detection and age-old process control methods with FireVisor.
Fischer Block
At the forefront of the Industrial Internet, Fischer Block, Inc. brings an unprecedented value proposition to the electrical power industry with a unique solution to embed millions of advanced high-speed sensors throughout the electrical grid at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives. This widely deployed platform will become the industry standard for applying data analytics and predictive analysis techniques to improve energy reliability and prevent power outages. Existing market solutions require months of planning and installation time, costing utilities several hundreds of thousands of dollars per substation and consuming nearly all their available resources. Alternatively, the Fischer Block solution requires no new wiring, so installations can be completed within minutes (instead of months) and at a fraction of the cost, significantly increasing the number of substations which utilities can modernize each year. Beyond the energy sector, Fischer Block's distributed sensor technology has wide applications in related industries such as transportation, manufacturing, mining, and chemical processing. Fischer Block brings the Industrial Internet platform to life.
Green Koncepts
Green Koncepts is a pioneer in Cloud IoT Solutions that helps businesses harness the power of real-time data from sensors to digitalize workplace systems and to drive sustainability and operational efficiency. Our enterprise IoT Platform connects to any sensor or Controller seamlessly and our growing list of solutions are divided into six core pillars; Energy Management, Intelligent Controls, Air Quality Management, Occupancy Management, Data Centre InfrastructureManagement and Equipment Condition Management. Green Koncepts enables Digital Transformation in large and small enterprises, leveraging the power of AI and data analytics to deliver value for our customers and partners worldwide.
Haier Group  (Haier Group )
In the last 30 years, Haier has transformed itself from an insolvent collectively-owned factory on the brink of bankruptcy into the number one global home appliance brand and an ecosystem that leads the IoT era.To date, Haier has successfully incubated four listed companies, two unicorn companies, and 12 quasi-unicorn and gazelle companies. Moreover, Haier has established ten major R&D centers, 25 industrial parks and 122 manufacturing centers globally. Haier strategy is focusing on transforming from a traditional appliances manufacturer to a lifestyle brand that can help customers define their own lifestyles by getting involved in the entire product design and planning. The priority of Haier in the future is producing products to meet the personalized demands of the consumers.Haier's COSMOPlat is among China’s leading Industrial Internet platforms, with a focus on mass customization.
ICEE International
ICEE Dynamics is an intelligent platform for energy conservation is founded on facility management principles, targeting the largest consumer of energy in a building – the central air-conditioning chiller. Our IoT-based solution uses temperature and relative humidity sensors, among others, for readings every 10 seconds to determine the heat load in real time and then Optimises the chiller operations dynamically and automatically to achieve savings and ideal conditions in a building or industrial application.
LogicLadder Technologies
LogicLadder is a Sustainability Cloud company. At LogicLadder we are committed to providing the best possible Energy and Environment intelligence technology to our customers.We create software that makes energy and environment data simple to acquire, understand and act upon so that you can save. Our software solutions are used by some of the leading companies in the world to save energy and meet environmental compliance.
Energy management online services. Energy analytics and performance diagnostics for the operation of facilities. Virtual energy audits. Operational maintenance data analytics.
Prafly in an artificial intelligent system vendor focusing on smart retailing, smart healthcare, artificial intelligent platform and Smart Manufacturing artificial intelligent robotics solution research and development. Prafly is centered around clients' needs and every solutions are specially customized according to clients' requirements.
Rhombus Energy Solutions, Inc.
Rhombus Energy Solutions develops advanced, high-efficiency power conversion and energy management systems for energy storage, renewable energy, vehicle charging, microgrids and test equipment applications. Rhombus offers standalone products, power conversion modules, semi-custom configurations, as well as contracted product development services and high-power certification testing including UL1741 & IEEE1547. The Rhombus product line consists of power converters/inverters that range of 2kW to 1MW in size. Rhombus also offers VectorStat cloud-based analytics and monitoring for power systems with remote, real-time management. Founded by some of the best engineers in the industry, Rhombus is led by a powerhouse team with a unique mix of industry experience and deep subject matter expertise.
Total Automation Solutions came into corporate existence in 2006 with the global vision of “Empowering Through Innovation”, when it was formed by young and dynamic entrepreneur.Total Automation Solutions provides engineering and consulting services for industrial control and process automation, video surveillance and access control equipment, security / fire alarm and industrial safety systems, advanced software applications for process control and optimization, sensors, switches, control systems and instruments.
ulalaLAB is a South Korean startup company specializing in IIoT, SaaS and Machine Learning technologies, that develops, manufactures, and sells affordable and easy to implement IoT Smart Factory platform with AI based industrial big data analytics for small and medium size enterprise manufacturers both in Korea and abroad.We are dedicated to address issues that industries, people and society face every day by providing cost effective, easy to implement solutions that effectively combine innovative technologies with ‘human’ at the center of everything. We emphasize on importance of connected technology in human and machinery daily work balance with people and businesses conveniently utilizing our solutions to perform better more informed decisions.Our Smart Factory Platform a 'WimFactory'? is a simplified solution that conveniently & cost effectively transforms SME factories into Industry 4.0 standards '?in minutes not month'? by simply installing one or few of self-developed IIoT Devices 'Wicon'? that works in a principal of plug & play technology. And jointly with Cloud Platform and Machine Learning capabilities enable factories to gain instant access to real time data by capturing, analyzing and displaying operations data from all types of sensors surrounding production line, even from old and outdated equipment, as a result significantly increasing quality control over factory operations - all without changing existing production line equipment and process or retraining employees and staff.
Vata Verks Inc
Vata Verks develops and manufactures non-invasive Building Water and Natural Gas flow data acquisitions sensors.Real-time hi-res usage data without cutting pipes, or disrupting the plumbing, the building, the tenants, or the facility manager.Real-time with just one site visit.Cheap and Simple
WatchNET IoT
WatchNET IoT is one of the leading technology companies in Security & Automation products/solutions. Since our founding in 2000, we have been providing highly developed, competitively priced products/solutions. With our dedication to quality and attentive customer service, WatchNET has excelled in developing cutting-edge products/solutions to a new level. WatchNET IoT predominantly focuses on Smart IoT wireless sensors (LoRa, NB-IoT & Zigbee etc..), accessories, IoT Gateway, Interface, accessories & automation software (cloud). Monitor your data in the cloud with our trending LoRA wireless sensors. Monitor your business and assets from anywhere, anytime.We ensure to bridge the gap between technology and industry through smart IoT, by empowering businesses with economical & simple wireless LoRA sensors to monitor anything, anywhere. As a forerunner in the innovative solutions; we bestow ready-to-deploy, self-installable, low-cost wireless sensor solutions for commercial and industrial use.WatchNET is a global company with locations in Canada, the US, India, and UAE. With the ongoing expansion in the US and UAE, WatchNET now has more than 45,000 square feet of stocked and functional office facilities. Coupled with numerous partnerships across the globe, WatchNET has become a truly international solution provider. WatchNET takes great pride in maintaining a team-based work environment. Our clients are drawn to us, not because of our commitment to delivering quality solutions as well as our superior customer service.
WattIQ is a provider of a plug load energy management product used to help large commercial organizations increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. Its products offer socket level monitoring and control of electrical devices that enable commercial and government enterprises to cut their Plug Load energy consumption by up to 40 percent.
WebNMS is a leading provider of Enterprise IoT Platform and Solutions. The highly robust and customizable platform is hardware agnostic and built with integrated capabilities into a single stach IoT Platform.
White Tail Automation
White Tail Automation is a customer-focused provider of automation and integrated solutions for North America and select international markets. Since 2003 we have been operating out of our head office in Calgary, Alberta with branch locations throughout western Canada and Texas.White Tail Automation provides total integration of design, project management, panel manufacturing, installation/commissioning, maintenance and repair. For all our valued customers, White Tail offers the capabilities of a large enterprise with the agility and responsiveness of a small company. Our dedicated employees provide high value solutions for automation and resulting in a superior customer experience.
Since 1982 WinSystems has designed and manufactured industrial Single Board Computers (SBCs) and I/O expansion boards that function as embedded PCs. Based on industrial standard form factors, which include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EBX, EPIC, and STD Bus, these products can operate as standalone computers or they can be stacked together to create application specific systems. Our products are compact, rugged, and offer extended temperature operation. Additionally we offer quickstart kits for Linux, Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded to aid our customers with their system development.
Zest4 is an experienced multi-network IoT & M2M managed connectivity service provider in the UK with years of experience in the IoT, Mobile Voice and Data markets. We have vast experience across a diverse set of applications covering the full spectrum of IoT use cases.We offer access to a complete range of tariffs from many global mobile network providers, as well as numerous roaming solutions and international capabilities.
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