Silver Spring Networks: Smart Street Light Network (Copenhagen)
Key stakeholders are taking a comprehensive approach to rethinking smart city innovation. City leaders have collaborated through partnerships involving government, research institutions and solution providers. The Copenhagen Solutions Lab is one of the leading organizations at the forefront of this movement. By bringing together manufacturers with municipal buyers, the Copenhagen Solutions Lab has catalyzed the development and deployment of next-generation smart city innovations. Copenhagen is leveraging this unique approach to accelerate the implementation of smart city solutions. One of the primary focus areas is LED street lighting.
Silver Spring Networks: Single Network for Multiple Smart Grid Services (ComEd)
With the passage of Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA), ComEd was required to improve its overall system reliability. In order to reach the goals outlined in the law, ComEd decided to leverage a common network for multiple applications, including advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation (DA) and smart city programs. With a modernized communications infrastructure, the utility would be able to increase grid reliability by identifying problems faster, optimizing business processes, automating problem resolution and reducing truck rolls.
Silver Spring Networks: Smart City Spotlight (Paris)
The challenge with the city of Paris was to improve multiple city services and as a hub for smart city innovation, Paris has committed to reduce public lighting energy consumption.
Silver Spring Networks: Smart City Spotlight (Miami)
The challenge for the city of Miami is to create a greener and more efficient city. To achieve this, Florida Power and Light is deploying North America’s largest networked street lighting program to connect and control more than 500,000 street lights.
Silver Spring Networks: Smart City Spotlight (Bristol, UK)
In order to catalyze innovation and economic development, Bristol aims to build a platform for the development of smart city applications that will promote innovation and deliver a better quality of life for it's residents. It is partnering with Bristol University to promote Bristol Is Open (BIO) — an effort to deploy and trial a citywide smart city network.
Silver Spring Networks: Smart City Spotlight (Glasgow)
In an attempt to leverage data to improve city services, Glasgow is integrating multiple city services on a common platform, and gathering new data to help empower its citizens to improve the city. Objectives include reducing energy costs, increasing road safety and promoting cycling to help drive health benefits.
Silver Spring Networks: Gain Operational Efficiencies (Singapore)
Mandated to fully deregulate its electricity retail market by 2015, Singapore plans to meet smart city modernization goals while lowering costs.
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