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Urbiotica provides Smart city solutions such as Smart Parking, Noise Monitoring and Traffic monitoring to the urban regions worldwide and especially in Europe and South America

Urbiotica continues to lead the revolution of the Internet of Things applied to Smart Cities.Their multiple international projects make them the leading technology company for products and solutions that improve the management of urban services.

Urbiotica is a technology company offering innovative sensor networks to transform the way in which cities are managed worldwide. The company’s sensor networks measure in real time variables such as on-street parking availability, traffic flows, air quality, acoustic pollution or dumpster fullness levels.

Year founded: 2008

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  • AUDI, L’Escala, SCS, EYSA, ESTAPAR, MOBA, Girona
  • Urbiotica: Regulated parking in Nice, France
    The local administration of the city of Nice faced a critical mobility situation which was causing serious management problems and pollution harmful to the quality of life of its citizens. The objective of the project developed with our partners for the Nice administration was to reduce the vehicle flow to the city centre and encourage the use of alternative transport.
    Urbiotica: Regulated Parking Management in Santa Barbara D'Oeste, Brazil
    Optimising parking management efficiency is the main challenge of car park operators. Estapar is Brazil's most important car park operator. It needed a solution to simplify parking control, making the work of traffic wardens more efficient and improving the accessibility of vehicles to parking areas. The aim of the project developed for Estapar in Santa Barbara Oeste was to: optimise operating costs, increase the rotation and occupancy of spaces and, therefore, parking revenue, reduce the time spent looking for a parking space and improve the citizen's parking experience.
    Urbiotica: Smart parking in Ibiza, Spain
    With 133,000 inhabitants that receives more than 2 million tourists a year, this seasonal influx complicated access to the Ibiza's centre and caused congestion of vehicles looking for parking in La Marina. This affected the well-being of the population and even had a negative impact on trade and the image of the area. The project that we implemented for the local government sought to: -Speed up parking in La Marina. -Reduce vehicle flow to the centre. -Improve the quality of life and satisfaction of residents and tourists. -Promote the shopping area of the centre.
  • Urbiotica: U-Spot Wireless Parking Sensor
    U-Spot is a battery-powered wireless parking sensor which detects the occupancy and rotation in real time as well as the arrival and the departure of any vehicle, enabling the precise calculation of the parking duration, in a specific parking space.U-Spot is able to instantly detect up to 50 rotations per day and it enables rapid adaptation to changes in its environment in real time. It minimizes the impact of elements that influence with the vehicle detection, such as the presence of vehicles in adjacent spaces, new urban metallic furniture or electromagnetic interferences. Its design makes it suitable for different parking situations (regulated parking, shopping centres, loading and unloading areas, truck parking).Maintaining the intelligence in the cloud, where sophisticated decision algorithms are applied, means that the sensor does not process any data itself, ensuring a lifetime up to 10 years. Furthermore, any improvement or change can be implemented immediately in all the sensors. This eliminates the management and cost of handling sensors in case of any software updates.It is possible to install the sensors in both the parking space and on the curb or pavement without having to remove the parked vehicles. It is a wireless installation and requires minimum engineering work.
    Urbiotica: U-Flow Smart Traffic Measurement Sensor
    U-Flow is a battery-powered wireless traffic sensor which actively detects in real time the traffic volume, road occupancy and average travel speed of vehicles by road or lane; and it classifies them by sizes and by speed categories.U-Flow is able to detect up to 10,000 vehices per day and dynamically adapt to changes in the traffic flow and types of vehicles on the road. The integration of the sensor to existing traffic management devices will offer a complete picture of the traffic status on the road.The application of advanced decision algorithms to detect vehicles adapted to the traffic environment. There is no information processing in the sensor, helping to guarantee that its lifetime up to 10 years. U-Flow can be installed in:Urban streets.Town accesses and exits.Roads and express roads.Entrances and exits of outdoor car parks.It is easy and quick to install lasting approximately 10 minutes per sensor. It is wireless and requires minimum engineering work.
    Urbiotica: U-Box Sensor Network Controller
    U-Box is the wireless sensor network controller and gateway responsible for transmitting data from the sensors to the U-Base platform through one of the three available interfaces: Wi-Fi, 3G/GPRS or Ethernet.U-Box receives data from the routers and the wireless sensor nodes through unlicensed frequencies using standards-based protocols.
  • Urbiotica: U-Admin
    U-Admin is a software application from which Urbiotica devices are managed. It is available in a web version and for Android smartphones and tablets. It consists of several tools which allow to: - Configure projects - Activate and register devices - Monitor and operate the devices and communications - Display the information generated based on the data captured by the Urbiotica sensors. - Manage U-Base webservices’ users
    Urbiotica: U-Base
    U-Base is a software platform designed and developed by Urbiotica which responds to the requirements and challenges of managing information posed by the Internet of Things.U-Base is responsible for interconnecting devices distributed throughout the territory with the cloud, processing and storing huge amounts of information generated by these devices and making it available to applications and platforms in real time. Latest generation technologies are used for this: Big Data, Real Time Processing and Publish-Subscribe combined in horizontally scalable, modular, extensible and open architecture.
    Urbiotica: U-Display
    U-Display is a modular and flexible solution to show to the drivers in real time the number of free parking spots detected by Urbiotica sensors. It completes our range of Dynamic Message Signs offering more options in guidance projects designs.Features:Modular displays for outdoor parking guidanceInformation and advanced dynamic guidance in real time 24/365Designed for outdoor urban or private useHigh visibility LEDs and remote management of brightnessWireless communication with U-Admin platformUp to 5 displays module per communication unitIntegrable by any signs manufacturer A wide range of products available:3 digits numeric displays8 digits alphanumeric displaysCross and arrow optionUp to 80m visibility
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  • Inductive Automation
    Inductive Automation produces software that reduces frustration and increases efficiency in the industrial automation market. Our software facilitates the instant accessibility of meaningful information throughout the enterprise. We begin by listening, then acting on what we hear to inject innovation and unprecedented value into the industry.
    DasData brings together environment sensors, enabling worldwide enterprises and organizations to securely store data and take immediate action in case of an emergency. DasData builds typical "internet of things" platforms for smart cities and sustainable environments, delivering solutions to monitor air and water quality, and manage waste in an efficient, dynamic matter. DasData is the IoT platform that allows you to instantly connect all your sensors live data into the cloud and safely store it or share it with the world.
    Oryx Embedded
    Oryx Embedded offers a complete range of networking solutions for embedded systems, making the Internet of Things a reality. Our portfolio includes professional-grade TCP/IP components as well as SSL/TLS encryption to make your transactions safe and secure. By supporting IPv6, Oryx Embedded makes the transition to the next-generation Internet smoother and easier than ever.
  • Cisco
    Cisco designs and sells broad lines of products, provides services and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world, building the Internet. Over the last 30 plus years, they have been the world’s leader in connecting people, things and technologies - to each other and to the Internet - realizing their vision of changing the way the world works, lives, plays and learns. Today, Cisco have over 70,000 employees in over 400 offices worldwide who design, produce, sell, and deliver integrated products, services, and solutions. Over time, they have expanded to new markets that are a natural extension of their core networking business, as the network has become the platform for automating, orchestrating, integrating, and delivering an ever-increasing array of information technology (IT)–based products and services. Revenue: $49.2 billion (2015) NASDAQ: CSCO Subsidiaries/ Business Units: - Jasper - OpenDNS - CloudLock
    Mentis Services
    Mentis Services is an international software engineering company, formerly known as SUDE. Pioneering a new approach for rendering data intelligent from the Internet of Things (IOT), we offer patented solutions that make smart city applications a reality. Our cutting-edge technology and software development expertise is based on open standards for heterogeneous systems' interoperability. We are a co-founder of Think Global and have offices in France and Belgium.Year founded: 2011
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