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Worldsensing is a technological company that specializes in wireless sensing technologies for both the Industrial and Smart Cities sectors. They provide customers with the tools to make the right operational decisions based on real-time intelligence. And their insights enable operators to understand the performance of distributed infrastructure, make predictions, improve efficiency and prevent disasters.

Worldsensing uses wireless sensor technology and real-time software solutions to provide operational intelligence to operators and decision makers. They work with customers in more than 50 countries across 5 continents.

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  • In the next 20 years, the urban population will grow from 3.5 billion to 5 billion people. Industries, cities and authorities need to find ways to manage the impact of this increase, and new solutions are urgently needed because natural resources are finite. Advancing technologies may provide the solution to problems arising from rapid urban population growth, and they may even improve the quality of life for citizens. However, technology is currently used as a passive tool, and it lacks the built-in intelligence needed for responding to fast-changing events and scenarios. At Worldsensing, they believe technology must be able to function intelligently. The only way forward is through the use of ‘Smart Technology’ solutions that provide high-quality technology, sustainability, efficiency and design. A solution based on Smart Technologies can, for instance, prevent disasters, make predictions, interpret data and much more. It is scalable, modular and able to adapt to different circumstances and scenarios. Worldsensing aims to design sustainable and market-orientated solutions that embrace Smart Technology. they offer deploy-and-forget, application-tailored, end-to-end solutions for the Industrial Internet. Their designs for machine-to-machine systems are reliable, robust, small, light and affordable.

  • Worldsensing: Barcelona Case Study
    Barcelona’s heavy traffic and its associated high levels of pollution were the primary factors that motivated some companies and universities to work on strategies for improving traffic in the city centre. Bitcarrier is one of the technologies involved in the In4Mo Project, whose main objective is to develop the applications that form the core of smart mobility, one of the fundamental pillars of the smart city concept.
    Worldsensing: Bridge monitoring in Hamburg Port
    Kattwyk Bridge is used for both rail and road transport, and it has played an important role in the Port of Hamburg since 1973. However, the increasing pressure from traffic requires a monitoring solution. The goal of the project is to assess in real-time the bridge's status and dynamic responses to traffic and lift processes.
    Worldsensing: Reservoir monitoring in Hontomin
    The Spanish Government has launched a CO2 Capture and Storage Program in Hontoman with the aim of developing this technology. This programme's approach is based on the fact that CO2 capture and storage could be an essential part of the solution to achieve substantial global CO2 emission reductions.
  • Worldsensing: Loadsensing Datalogger
    Loadsensing monitors load distribution and the structure's equilibrium by using a wireless data logging mesh network to bring all data from the load points to the client's servers. The system is controlled from the administration centre and visualized on-site with highly intuitive software installed on tables.
    Worldsensing: Spidernano Passive Seismic Recording Unit
    The Spidernano data acquisition system is an advanced 3-channel broadband, high resolution ultra-low power seismic system. It incorporates embedded software, IP networking capabilities and ultra-rugged flash recording.THe Spidernano data acquisition system's design and technology makes it a versatile and innovative solution, since it is small, simple to connect and compatible with several geophysical sensors. The Spidernano uses specifically designed 24-bit A/D for seismic acquisition. The solution includes GPS receiver, SD recording power management, sensor test and remote command/control.
    Worldsensing: Bitcarrier HW Sensor
    Bitcarrier is real-time intelligent traffic management and information solution for urban environments. It is specifically designed to satisfy the traffic optimization needs of local authorities.Bitcarrier HW sensors audit the Bluetooth and WIFI public frequencies of mobile devices boarded in vehicles in an approximate radius of 50 meters. The HW sensor is able to audit the signals emitted by GPS navigators, hands free car kits and cellphones embarked in vehicles, provided that the Bluetooth ot WIFI sensors of the mobile devices are activated.
  • Worldsensing: Loadsensing
    Loadsensing is a long-range wireless data acquisition system for sensor networks. It delivers periodic readings for monitoring the real-time evolution of structures. Loadsensing’s dataloggers are adaptable to the most commonly used sensors within industry.Long RangeDeploy anywhere, forget about signal coverageLoadsensing provides long-range communication up to 15 KmTruly Low PowerQuick & Easy ConfigurationSupports most sensors on the marketTrue wireless networkRobust and reliableAlarm systemUser-friendly web software
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    ADLINK's measurement and automation product segment (MAPS) is dedicated to providing reliable, top quality products for industrial I/O control, motion control, digital imaging, data acquisition, and modular instrument applications.Their comprehensive portfolio of measurement and automation products, application ready platforms, and easy-to-use software packages, with integrated value-added service, continually meet and exceed customer requirements for industrial automation systems, machine vision systems, and automated test and measurement equipment. With their customers' requirements in mind, ADLINK continues to develop new PCI Express data acquisition cards and frame grabbers for high bandwidth applications, PXI/PXIe controllers and platforms fitting any profile from entry level to high performance, faster D/IO cards and digitizers with increased resolution, and the industry's most advanced motion controllers.
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