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GreenRoad Technologies - GreenRoad Driver Behavior (First Group PLC)

As part of its global initiatives, FirstGroup wanted to meet its of goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 100,000 tons while improving passenger safety and comfort.

  • GreenRoad Technologies
    GreenRoad, the pioneer in driver behavior technology, is delivering the backbone for the future of vehicle safety in the new era of Intelligent Mobility. For over a decade, GreenRoad’s connected vehicle solution has revolutionized the way commercial fleets drive by combining real-time, in-cab coaching with cloud-based contextual intelligence to make every business mile safer. GreenRoad’s IoT platform enables service providers to build zero-latency safety applications for connected vehicles and cities.
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  • FirstGroup plc is the world's leading transport operator with revenues of over £6 billion. It employs some 136,000 staff throughout the UK and North America and transports more than 2.5 billion passengers a year. FirstGroup is Britain's larg
  • First Group PLC
  • FirstGroup implemented GreenRoad across its fleet of 9,000 buses in the UK and Ireland to deliver real-time driver feedback and targeted optimization insights. GreenRoad continuously measures maneuvers that most impact safe driving, fuel efficiency and emissions, and gives drivers instant feedback in order to correct themselves in real time. On returning from routes, drivers and depot managers can view online the overall quality of their driving. A score is allocated to each driving session, giving drivers the opportunity to improve their driving and help play their part in tackling environmental issues. Fleet tracking information is also monitored and analyzed to optimize fleet operations.

  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Driver Performance Scores, Fuel Consumption, Passenger service, Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Impact #1
    [Cost Reduction - Energy]
    As a result of FirstGroup's drivers driving with greater attention, they are using less fuel and lowering emissions, to the point where FirstGroup believes it is possible to hit its three-year target of reducing emissions.
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    By enabling better decisions, GreenRoad not only improved fuel consumption, operational efficiency, and vehicle wear-and-tear but also helped to improve passenger satisfaction and lower insurance costs.
    Impact #3
  • Benefit #1

    The nationwide roll out to the entire fleet of 9,000 buses reported an almost 70% drop in risky maneuvers - from an average of 80 risky maneuvers per 10 hours to an average of 26.

    Benefit #2

    Collisions were reduced by more than six percent.

    Benefit #3

    Passenger injuries have been reduced by over eight percent.

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