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Iron Mountain Sees Fleet Wide Improvement

At the end of 2008 the company set out to significantly improve their driving culture by focusing on four main goals: • Reduce overall risk • Reduce the number of safety incidents • Reduce costs • Fulfill their legal duty under Health & Safety legislation Iron Mountain embarked on a comprehensive risk assessment program for all commercial vehicle drivers, which reduced reported incidents by 71% and cut the cost of claims by 43% in just two years. To further this effort Iron Mountain partnered with its insurance provider, Zurich, to acquire and deploy GreenRoad across its entire fleet to help reduce insurance premiums by improving driver behavior and reducing overall risk exposure.

  • GreenRoad Technologies
    GreenRoad, the pioneer in driver behavior technology, is delivering the backbone for the future of vehicle safety in the new era of Intelligent Mobility. For over a decade, GreenRoad’s connected vehicle solution has revolutionized the way commercial fleets drive by combining real-time, in-cab coaching with cloud-based contextual intelligence to make every business mile safer. GreenRoad’s IoT platform enables service providers to build zero-latency safety applications for connected vehicles and cities.
  • Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
  • Transportation
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  • Driver Performance Monitoring
    Fleet Management
  • Iron Mountain, a global leader in information management, helps organizations around the world reduce the risks and costs associated with storing, protecting and managing company information. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain manages Billions of information
  • Iron Mountain
  • After a wide search, Iron Mountain selected GreenRoad. The fleet performance management solution allowed Iron Mountain to roll out the initiative quickly and allowed Iron Mountain to deploy the driver behavior system across all of their vehicles for full fleet visibility. GreenRoad’s solution alerts drivers when they depart from safe, smooth driving style, enabling them to immediately modify their driving behavior and encouraging them to take charge of their own improvement and take pride in their achievements. In effect they have a ‘vocal coach’ in the cab.

  • Driver Behaviour, Vehicle diagnostics , Vehicle Location Tracking, Vehicle Status
  • Impact #1
    [Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
    Improve safety of drivers
    Impact #2
    [Management Effectiveness - Operation Transparency]
    Full fleet visibility
    Impact #3
  • Benefit #1

    An 80% reduction in risky maneuvers; and an 80% reduction in incidents compared to the previous year. Results to date continue to show a reduction of vehicle incidents by 13% and own damage costs down by 40%

    Benefit #2

    While using GreenRoad’s service over a ten-month period in 2010 the company submitted just three minor insurance claims.

    Benefit #3

    2 – 5% drop in fuel consumption

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