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Island-wide Smart Grid Network (N.V. Elmar)

N.V. Elmar had initiated a project to implement a smart grid network across the entire island. The enhanced grid would streamline electricity distribution processes and provide N.V. Elmar’s customers with access to usage data which would result in more efficient use of power and services. Although the initial network deployment was designed for smart electric meters, N.V. Elmar wanted to have the ability to scale the network to add additional applications. Because this was essentially a greenfield project, the deployment process would start with a pilot program where various technologies would be evaluated. Cost, network longevity, coverage and reliability were all factors in the selection process.

  • Ingenu
    Ingenu is building the first wireless Machine Network, the world’s largest IoT network dedicated to connectivity for machines. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices around the world, with more than 35 networks deployed over seven years. The Machine Network™ will have further reach, global range and longer lasting battery life than any existing network. It is also future-proof – enabling technology solution providers to maximize their product’s efficiency and longevity, with unparalleled control and visibility. Ingenu is led by a highly experienced team and backed by one of the strongest boards in the industry, including veterans from Verizon and Qualcomm.
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Product Development
  • Microgrid
    A microgrid is a localized group of electricity sources and loads that normally operates connected to and synchronous with the traditional wide area synchronous grid, but can also disconnect to island mode and function autonomously as physical or economic conditions dictate. In this way, a microgrid can effectively integrate various sources of distributed generation (DG), especially Renewable Energy Sources (RES) - renewable electricity, and can supply emergency power, changing between the island and connected modes.Microgrids are typically supported by generators or renewable wind and solar energy resources and are often used to provide backup power or supplement the main power grid during periods of heavy demand. A microgrid strategy that integrates local wind or solar resources can provide redundancy for essential services and make the main grid less susceptible to localized disaster.
  • Established in 1950, N.V. Elmar (Naamloze Vennootschap Electriciteit-Maatschappij is the sole provider of electricity to the island of Aruba. It sources its power from WEB Aruba N.V. as well as from solar sources. N.V. Elmar serves over 42,000 residential and commercial customers on the island, providing smart metering, distribution automation, smart street lighting, water monitoring and other smart city services.

  • After evaluating an array of competing technologies, N.V. Elmar selected Ingenu to implement its RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) network smart city solution. The initial roll-out took place in late 2013, with just 50 smart electric meters. However, after determining that the robust, scalable and secure network could expand without additional network investment, N.V. Elmar began to implement a myriad of additional applications. In late 2014, the utility company added distribution line monitors and smart streetlights to the RPMA network, totaling over 4,000 end points. The street lights were supplied by Ingenu partner, LED Roadway Lighting (LRL) which integrated RPMA technology into its NXT Luminaire street light solution. LRL has supplied more than 1,800 luminaires to N.V. Elmar, allowing street lights to be controlled and monitored using the same network as other smart grid devices, reducing both energy and maintenance costs.

  • Electricity Meters, Energy Consumption Rate, Energy Cost Per Unit, Lighting, Power Output
  • Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
  • Impact #1
    [Process Optimization - Real Time Monitoring]
    The addition of oil pressure monitoring enables the company to track oil pressure levels in its transformers, an application that was proposed and quickly deployed within a matter of months.
    Impact #2
    [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    As N.V. Elmar expands its smart city initiatives, Ingenu and its RPMA network will enable the company to enhance its operational efficiencies and provide exceptional service and value to its varied customer base.
    Impact #3
  • Benefit #1

    N.V. Elmar now has over 50,000 end point devices in operation across the island country. Water metering using advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology is operating on the RPMA network.

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