Smart Meters and Sensors

Arnowa Hardware comprises of advanced smart devices for data acquisition from any device for any purpose.

Our mantra is “You want it measured; we provide the how-to”.

We provide many types of sensors that measure anything from temperature, humidity to pressure to air and water quality. We provide meters that measure electricity (and many associated parameters), water, gas or any other measurable commodity as required. We also have special counters that can be used to monitor countable commodities like waste levels, people counting, vehicle traffic counting or parking management information.

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    Arnowa helps its clients improve asset performance at their businesses by offering improved efficiency through proactive energy, water, and environment management with artificial intelligence-based monitoring, analysis, expert support and reporting on a range of applicable parameters, including valuable support from our team of professional consultants.ITS smart application and systems are designed for real-time data monitoring, recording, analysis, and decision-making aided by Artificial Intelligence, to enhance business performance standards and improve productivity by managing assets effectively.It enables you to keep track of your assets and get real-time insights from anywhere around the world. Our team of expert professionals will be guiding you with timely recommendations on efficiency improvements and supporting your business in times of need to make the right choices.
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