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Deepfield® Connect - Asparagus Monitoring measures the ground temperature using a high precision temperature sensor, which is installed inside the mound, see picture 2. This sensor measures the temperature at different height levels: Directly below the cover as well as 5, 20 and 40 cm below it. The system records the temperatures and sends them to a BOSCH operated webserver. This server provides 24/4 access to the data through Smartphone and Tablet apps, enabling you to take the right decisions. Access to the data can also be shared with employees or consultants.
- Quality and profit rise due to accurate temperature measurements inside the mound
- Calculation of the important daily average temperatures in the mound
- The optimal start of the harvest is estimated by accumulation temperature measurements
- No manual measurements
- Understand your fields better by the data you gain
- You can share your data with your consultant

  • Deepfield Robotics (Bosch)
    Deepfield Robotics is a young start-up of the Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH. It has emerged from research activities of Bosch Corporate Research dated back to 2008 with the publicly funded project “BoniRob”. Our inspired team of engineers, software developers, robotics specialists and agricultural engineers develops innovative solutions for the future of agriculture - jointly with our partners and in close contact with our customers.
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  • Precision Farming
    Precision farming enables farmers to increase production (yield), lower their operational costs and economize their applications of chemicals and fertilizers. Precision Conservation Management (PCM) focuses on improving crop yield through the analysis of real-time data from a variety of environmental sensors and other data sources located in commercial crop fields or throughout the enterprise.The five core components or processes of precision farming are: measuring variability, analyzing variability, decision-making, differential actions, assessment of results and measuring. 
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