Digital Factory (Siemens): SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC
SIMATIC WinCC® is a scalable process visualization system (SCADA) that is graduated by price and performance, with efficient functions for controlling automated processes.With SIMATIC WinCC, “perfect process visualization“ stands for complete operating and monitoring functionality under Windows for all industry segments – ranging from simple single-user systems through to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and the structure of a cross-site solution including Web clients. One of the special features of WinCC is its total openness. It can be readily used in combination with standard and user programs, creating HMI solutions which precisely meet practical requirements.WinCC is a modern system with an attractive user interface for use in the world of the office and manufacture, offering mature and reliable operation and efficient configuration.It is scalable for simple and complex tasks. Together with the integrated process database, WinCC represents the information exchange for cross-company, vertical integration and thanks to Plant Intelligence provides much more transparency in production.
Digital Factory (Siemens): SIMATIC PCS 7
The innovative distributed control system SIMATIC PCS 7 enables you to respond swiftly to constantly changing market requirements. Integrated safety concepts ensure continuous operation of your systems and protect man, machine and the environment. The offers high system availability, investment security and future-safe technology, together with a reduced total cost of ownership.SIMATIC PCS 7 combines a unique scalable architecture with powerful engineering tools and a wide variety of additional functions such as alarm management, process safety and asset management, all of which can be integrated seamlessly into your existing environment. SIMATIC PCS 7 has everything you need to completely and safely automate your entire production process, from goods receipt to goods issue, in both manufacturing and process plants.Totally Integrated Automation creates the perfect framework for strategically harnessing optimization potential – throughout the entire production process: • Time and cost savings from efficient engineering • Minimized downtime thanks to integrated diagnostic functions • Greater flexibility in production due to integrated communication • Plant and network security provided by integrated security functions • Protection of personnel, machinery and the environment with seamlessly integrated safety technology • Improved quality due to data consistency • Simplified implementation of automation solutions with global standards • Better performance with the interaction of systemtested components
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