ThingWorx: Thingworx 8
ThingWorx 8 makes it easier and faster to:- Connect with industrial machines and source data- Source data from IoT cloud providers- Analyze data to learn normal behavior and receive alerts regarding any deviation- Create and deliver rich, hands-free augmented reality experiencesThingWorx 8 is purpose-built for Industrial IoTThe ThingWorx Platform contains specific functionality designed for industrial businesses – such as native industrial connectivity, anomaly detection and a model-based development environment.Rapidly create and deploy Apps and Augmented Reality (AR) ExperiencesThingworx 8 makes developing & delivering Apps and immersive industrial AR experiences at scale easier by leveraging innovative digital twin technology throughout the platform.Vibrant Partner EcosystemThingWorx 8 has one of the largest networks of industrial IoT focused companies in the world.Ultimate FlexibilityThingWorx 8 can be deployed in a variety of ways – in the cloud, on site, or with a hybrid approach – and integrates a wide-range of data sources into apps and AR experiences.
ThingWorx: ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps
ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are a set of role-based starter apps built on PTC’s industry leading IoT platform, ThingWorx. Able to be installed and configured in under 60 minutes without impacting production, these apps are 100% web-enabled and accessible via any browser.ThingWorx Controls Advisor (for Controls Engineer)Designed for the Controls Engineer, this app can be installed on existing hardware without impacting production. It provides seamless connectivity to OPC servers, enabling users to remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity with just a few clicks.ThingWorx Production Advisor (for Plant Manager)Designed for the Production Manager, this app connects the top floor to the factory floor. It provides users real-time visibility and remote insight into production line performance and status — wherever it is needed and in the format that is required.ThingWorx Asset Advisor (for Maintenance)Designed for the Maintenance Engineer, this app improves maintenance processes and production performance. It provides a real-time view into all assets’ statuses and alarms, enabling users to remotely monitor and detect anomalies to catch problems before they impact production.
ThingWorx: ThingWorx Foundation
ThingWorx Foundation enables developers to rapidly connect, create, and deploy breakthrough applications, solutions, and experiences for the smart, connected world.ThingWorx Foundation is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It empowers developers to connect, create, and deploy breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications, solutions, and experiences.ThingWorx Foundation connects to all of the ThingWorx components, providing a simplified, seamless approach for developers to create comprehensive IoT solutions.CoreThe ThingWorx Foundation Core includes the following:Application Enablement Platform (AEP): Composer, Model Runner, Integration, Mashup BuilderPlatform Services: Security, DevOpsConnection ServicesThe ThingWorx Foundation Connection Services include the following:Connection ServersDevice/Cloud AdaptersTunneling ServersEdgeThe ThingWorx Foundation Edge includes the following:Edge MicroServerEdge “Always On” SDK
ThingWorx: ThingWorx Utilities
ThingWorx Utilities are feature-rich tools and mash-ups that enable and support the rapid deployment and adoption of powerful IoT applications.DefineIdentify the needs of IoT initiatives and how to build applications to meet those requirements.MonitorRemotely access, interact with, and control connected devices.ManageCreate, edit, and execute business processes related to connected devices.OptimizeIntegrate IoT applications and information with existing business systems.ThingWorx Utilities provide device management capabilities easily used by business analysts and line-of-business users for day-to- day management of connected devices, without the need for developer skills.IoT Capabilities for Device Management- Out-of-the-box, pre-defined capabilities to manage and optimize the performance of connected products and assets.- Includes utilities to provision, remotely monitor, and update connected products and assets.IoT Process Workflow- An environment for non-developers to create, edit, and manage business processes related to connected devices.- Processes can be created to execute across multiple systems, initiated based on alerts and triggers, and driven by decision support rules.IoT Integration- Connects business processes and people with systems to share common and consistent IoT information across the enterprise.- Provides a standard framework for creating and implementing pre-built and reusable connectors and integrating existing business systems with new IoT applications.
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