Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): HP Reveal
HP Reveal makes it easy for anyone to create and use AR, from educators teaching the next generation to the world's leading brands by providing:-Intuitive & Easy To Use Interface: Upload assets and assemble Auras in our easy to use interface - so fast and easy, it can be done in under 60s.-Personalized AR: Reach audience segments using targeting tools like platform, region, time of day, and more.-Real-Time Campaign Insights: Measure campaign results through a comprehensive analytics dashboard.HP Reveal helps the world's leading brands use augmented reality in mobile campaigns to drive results across diverse KPIs and goals including social engagement, landing page visits, and merchandise sales.-Audience engagement: Shorten the path to conversion by connecting offline marketing to online channels with an augmented reality experience that directs customers to points of sale, landing pages, social engagement channels, and more. -Results analytics: HP Reveal adds measurability to offline marketing and gain deeper insight into how your marketing mix contributes to conversions and sales. HP Reveal's best-in-class web studio for creating, managing, and tracking augmented reality campaigns includes a comprehensive analytics dashboard for views, interactions, clicks, and more.
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