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Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility solutions provide visibility into the movement of raw materials, components, and finished goods from suppliers to manufacturers to the final buyer. Solutions are typically built on a centralized cloud-based platform that integrates data from multiple systems, including those those of partners. Technologies such as Smart Sensors, RFID, and digital ledger protocols can enable additional functionality. For example, digital ledger technology can keep logs of all transactions occurring on the network in a secure way, while providing supply chain partners with access to specific data. Visibility solutions can enhance the efficiency and transparency of supply chains, record the quantity and transfer of products as they change hands between supply chain nodes, track change orders and buy orders, process shipment notifications, manage trade documents and receipts, link physical products to Bar Codes, and share information about processing or manufacturing processes with suppliers, logistics providers, and customers.

  • Transportation
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Prodapt: High-value Container Tracking
    • Tracking the movement of trucks carrying valuable containers in order to plan shipment of empty containers back to India • Reduction of delays in the arrival of containers • Ability to track every stage of the containers • Avoiding manual intervention to know exact container location • Automation to intimate the position and arrival time of containers
    Sirqul, Inc: Sirqul and Catalyst Workplace Activation Reveal the Future of Smart Offices
    This partnership will disrupt the “traditional” office furniture conversation by examining the intersection of people, place, and technology. We realize it is increasingly evident that the design of spaces is an enabler to meaningful interactions between people and fosters a sense of community and culture by taking on the challenges of designing for a more productive, collaborative, and inspiring workplace, leveraging technology to process data on how people work, communicate and engage with one another.
    Nucleus Vision: Creating a Customer Focused Shopping Experience with Blockchain & IoT
    Gini & Jony, a Nucleus Vision client, and Brick and mortar stores retail customers in general hardly get personalized pricing, custom offers, or preferential treatment for being a brand or store loyalist. This primarily stems from the store’s inability to differentiate between customers in offline stores.
  • The GPS Tracking Device System Market is expected to grow at USD 2.53 billion by 2023, at 11.9% of CAGR between 2017 and 2023.

    Source: Market Research Future

  • What business value do shipment tracking technology?

    It enables shippers to be in control of their transportation and locate freight at any point in its journey.

    How can IoT based shipment tracking and monitoring solutions help your supply chain?

    - Improved product quality and consistency

    - Decreased  in warehousing and storage costs

    - Reduced impact of stock outs

    - Staying pro-active during supply chain disruptions

    - Reduced product shrinkage and insurance costs

    - Trade route analysis

    - Lower Labor Costs

    - Improved Brand Protection


  • How is shipping tracking technology made up?

    It is made up of three things: sensors, connectivity, and applications. 

    Sensors make it possible to know the location of your containers, and the connectivity piece (which is particularly difficult when at sea) transmits that location data back to an application. Often shipping companies will pull the location data out of an API and put it into their logistics platform, where the data can be analyzed.

    Which systems enable to control transportation?

    Track and trace features are available on a transportation management system (TMS). With this technology, companies have insight into carrier performance, transportation costs, and market trends as they manage their logistics. 


  • How is data obtained by the system?

    There are different ways like BLE tags, GPS or WiFi.


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