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CTI Solutions Group Advances their Product Lifecycle Management Suite
TIBCO Software
CTI Solutions began looking for a new reporting solution for customers because, as CEO Rick Daffron describes, “They were becoming more involved in monitoring everything—wholesale inventory, sales by style, SKUs. Offered analytics via Excel and other tools in both HTML and downloadable formats. Had 12 local full-time programmers and another 30 offshore, and about six of them were dedicated to maintaining task reporting for 93 countries throughout the world. Got to a point where couldn’t keep up with programming and maintenance. Just could not continue that way.Needed a more automated, more uniform solution, and one that would supply a lot of different ways to present information, both online and downloadable. If we didn’t move to a more agile reporting and data handling system, would not be able to satisfy clients’ growing needs for timely information or hire the talent needed to grow.By moving to a dedicated analytic engine, could focus on recording rather than maintenance. Could also offer real-time data and an environment that was more attuned to experience rather than tasks, which would differentiate us from our competition.
Solves IoT Asset Management with Embedded BI
TIBCO Software
Bigmate deals primarily with the Internet of Things (IoT), or more specifically, the Internet of Assets (IoA). "It refers to collecting and analyzing data from business assets so you can get meaningful and insightful business intelligence,” says Peter Girgis, CTO.The Bigmate telematics platform provides real-time vehicle tracking, data analysis, and tools that scale vertically or horizontally. New and emerging telematics applications, such as vehicle engine monitoring, were driving the need for customer-accessible dashboards and reporting. With data generated as frequently as once a second, delivering visualizations that bring clarity was a crucial requirement.
Guides Clients to Easier Regulatory Compliance
TIBCO Software
Regulatory change management is currently accomplished through costly, time-consuming, error-prone, manual, and unpredictable processes. And the volume of regulatory information published by state and federal governments poses a huge, expensive, time-consuming challenge for financial companies; they have no choice but to throw an increasing number of bodies at the solutions address inefficiencies to help financial services companies properly manage and respond to the growing volume and pace of regulatory change. Its management solution—including a platform with purpose-built machine learning models and an API for programmatic access to its regulatory information—enables companies to gain powerful insights. The challenge was how to manage access to the API and all it offered.
Uses Data Integration to Increase Energy Sustainability
TIBCO Software
Biota Technology, a pioneer of industrial genomics, spotted a disruptive business opportunity: Apply innovations in medical and scientific DNA sequencing and genomics to industrial use, specifically for subsurface exploration in oil and gas.The Biota team knew that being first to market with industrial genomics was critical to success. Their innovations could be greatly beneficial for customers, especially energy companies under pressure to improve capital efficiency and reduce operating costs while also challenged with gathering, tracking, and integrating diverse data, something Biota excels at.However, due to the complexity of genomes and biological material, Biota's genomics vision was extremely difficult to accomplish and scale. Microbes add a data layer needed to characterize the fluid movement in an oilfield, so drillers know which layers of the subsurface are producing oil and gas. Biota surveys subsurface microbes at different locations, depths, and times, and organizes them into DNA markers. A single Biota sample has around 20,000 sequences describing around 100 DNA markers. In practice, Biota stores and categorizes hundreds of thousands of microbial data points and then analyzes the data so it can be used for informed business decisions.To become the first industrial genomic company, Biota Technology needed a comprehensive analytics solution. The company turned to TIBCO Spotfire analytics for its extensive capabilities for supporting partners and customers who want to create custom analytics and data science applications.
High Tech Company Improves Marketing with Predictive Analytics
TIBCO Software
This large company's analytics software supported over 500 internal clients with predictive modeling projects for improving customer acquisition and retention, identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing revenue, and understanding customer lifetime value. Members of the global analytics team had been using other legacy analytics platforms for years, and they were heavily dependent on them for data extraction, processing, analysis, and reporting. However, there were drawbacks to these systems.

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